The Quarters

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The Quarters is the first new-construction private apartment building to be built in Downtown Champaign since the 1930s/  It is five stories and is just under 75 feet high.  Technically it is a post modern interpretation of a Spanish Colonial design.  The post modern is for two reasons.  The first is that Spanish Colonial is a traditional styling influenced by Spanish architecture, the warm colors and textures of the Caribbean and the multi cultural influences of the region.  It is a traditional styling with roots long before motorized vehicles and their parking garages.  Still further Spanish Colonial very seldom is found above three stories in height.  When it aspires to more stories it is typically a government or monument building that falls back on more classical looks using limestone, rows of columns etc.  We are in technical violation of the traditional Spanish Colonial style with the parking garage and the five stories and thus the post modern interpretation of . . . label.

We have remained true to the traditional stylings with our robust use of wide horizontal bands, rows of decorative pilasters, decorative medallions and wrought iron railings.  Also our color choices are right from the islands of the Caribbean.  Inside we have retained the traditional wide common hallways (all are 12 feet wide) and high ceilings – again 12 feet high both in common areas and inside the apartments.

The Quarters is a modern state of the art building also.  It is fully sprinkled, fully secured, cameras monitor the garage and the entrances 24/7, with vastly superior insulation standards that far exceed the current building codes  each apartment is heated and cooled with its own high efficiency heat pump that extracts heat from outside air in the winter and from inside the apartments in the summer.  The exterior is wrapped with Zip System Wall sheeting by Huber’s.  It is the current state of the art system for sealing a building from air penetration.  The exterior side is another top notch product by Louisiana Pacific called Smart Side.  it is what creates the traditional stucco look.

The Quarters is our third residential project on downtown’s north side and along Hickory Street; the first two are Uptown On Columbia and The Hickory Street Apartments.

The Quarters is a five story building over seventy feet tall.  It has over thirty thousand square feet of residential living space.  It is a post-modern interpretation of the Spanish Colonial style.  The design inspirations for The Quarters are the 19th Century urban mansions of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and other Caribbean nations.

For all of our larger properties we begin with a theme. This is used in our development and design.

The Quarters features a Caribbean color palate but tempered by the more formal Spanish, even Moorish influenced stylings. Exterior architectural elements include special attention to exterior trim details. The large French doors with transoms, Juliette balconies and windows all suggest a robust love for life and an embrace of the micro-urban lifestyle


We see The Quarters as an alternative to the car culture, a building more in tune with the micro-urban lifestyle of downtown Champaign.  Being in downtown all is a short stroll away; corner convenience stores, pharmacy, restaurants, night spots and coffee shops, parks, theatres and medical facilities.

The MTD 1 yellow line runs in front of the building and goes to Market Place and Meiers.  (see All major lines run through downtown Champaign and the main bus terminal is only five blocks away.  Here in the Illinois Terminal is also all the inter-city bus lines and Amtrak.  Here also one catches the MTD line to Willard Airport.  And city bike lanes are nearby

In addition, as a part of your lease you are offered a free annual MTD bus-pass if you do not have one through the University.  We hope to cater to a tenant who finds themselves less dependent upon personal automobiles.

On the ground level we are providing bicycle spaces where you can keep your bike and it will be under roof and behind a locked gate.


Built Above Required Code Levels

The Quarters exterior envelop (walls and roof) has an energy insulation rating more than twice that required by the Illinois Energy Code.  This simply means very low power bills and more comfortable living without drafts. In fact we also insulate a full 12” between each floor for both energy management and sound control.  Then there are the doors.  For both increased safety and increased quiet the apartment entry doors are 90 minute rated fire doors even though code only requires 20 minute.  This is true for the two stairways also.


  • Parking is available on a first come first serve basis in the ground level garage of The Quarters with a mirror hanger tag
  • We also offer free parking at our surface lot at 605 N Neil Street Champaign with a mirror hanger tag
  • the six hundred block of north Hickory is all un-metered free street parking
  • the city leases parking on the five hundred block of north Hickory
  • city lease parking available in city lots and the larking deck – more info here.