The Hickory

Modern Luxury, Green Living
in Downtown Champaign

Downtown at your doorstep,Downtown at your doorstep, The Hickory Street Apartments offers sixteen upscale, green, energy efficient apartments; eleven two-bedrooms on our second floor and three two-bedrooms and two one-bedrooms on the first floor. Also on the first floor is the 5,000 square feet Complete Care Pharmacy and Convenience Store. Tenants can access Complete Care without going outside.

With shops and night life just outside your door, you can now live and work in the vibrant energy of downtown. The Hickory’s modern, luxury accommodations are built with greener materials, making life better inside and outside


A Green Development
Today every developer and builder faces a personal moral choice to build green or not to build green. With global warming and rising energy costs, we had no choice other than to embrace green construction and to go as high energy efficient as we could with the products now so readily available. The Hickory has committed to the Architecture 2030 standards for existing buildings of meeting a fossil fuel, greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting, energy consumption performance standard of 50% of the regional average for the building type.

It’s the Small Things That Matter
The Hickory is a large, 28,000 sq ft mixed use building. It is the home to our residents as well as the place of business to our first floor tenants. Providing new finishes, utilities and new appliances is not enough for us. We take seriously our responsibility to offer a quality, quiet, energy efficient building.

Using state of the art materials we have incorporated in every aspect of our planning and designs attention to minimizing sound transfers from one space to the other.

  • On the bottom of the floor joist between the first and second floors is a continuous layer of 5/8” soundproof drywall hung on special sound isolation channel to further reduce the transmission of sound. Additionally the sound channel is spaced down from the underside of the floor joist with sound isolation blocks. .
  • Installed upon the original second floor decking is Homosote 440 sound barrier. This helps to control the lower base sounds. All of the second floor is built upon and above this sound barrier. Additionally, under the finish flooring is a layer of sound deadening cork to help control higher sharp sounds.
  • The roof is insulated with an R value of 40.
  • All window glazing is new. The apartment windows are custom made Energy Star rated and the first floor storefronts are all low E insulated glazing.
  • Walls facing the street are 12” thick masonry with an interior wall built inside of it. In the first floor apartments the walls average an R value of 60 and in the retail of 40.
  • Walls between the apartments are actually two separate 2 x 4 walls with a 12 “ gap between them which is filled with blown-in cellulose insulation further there is a continuous layer of Homosote 440 sound barrier in the center between the two walls. These walls extend all the way to the underside of the roof on the second floor. On the first floor all the walls are spaced down from the soundproof drywall ceilings with sound isolation blocks. Only the wall drywall extends up within a ¼” of the ceiling. This last ¼” is caulked with soundproof sealant.
  • Walls between the apartments and the common hallways are 2 x 6 walls filled with blown-in cellulose insulation.


Hickory Street Residential Permits

These spaces are located on the 500 block of Hickory Street (between Washington Street and Columbia Avenue) in Downtown Champaign). All Hickory Street Residential Permits are reserved for the permit holder 24/7.

  • Available only to residents of Downtown Champaign.
  • Proof of residency required upon purchase (for example: copy of residential lease agreement, property tax bill or utility bill).
  • These permits are not available for business owners in the Downtown district.

Permits are sold in pro-rated 6-month or 1-year terms:

  • 6-month permits are sold for the periods of January 1 – June 30 and July 1 – December 31 at $390 every six months.
  • 12-month permits are sold for the period of January 1 – December 31 at a rate of $741 annually.

(From City of Champaign website)