Non-negotiable Lease Terms

We leased our first apartment August of 1991.  That lease was provided to us by our attorney.  That was over two decades ago.

Since that time we have had the opportunity to see and review scores of leases.  Since those first fourteen apartments were leased we have added a large number of rental properties to our inventory.  Both the number of properties and the years have brought us a lot of tenants.  That is a lot of experiences.

We believe we have learned over the years both to be better landlords and how to better cope with a number of varying circumstances.  Based on that learning curve we have changed, modified, deleted and added to our lease.

We have a preamble at the beginning of our lease which is largely taken from a column John Roska, a local attorney for Land of Lincoln, writes in the News Gazette.  This one was on leases.  We liked it so much, with John’s permission; we used it to form the basis of our lease’s preamble.

In short, our lease has been a living evolving documents responding to our experiences.  Many clauses are specifically in response to a specific past incident.

We feel our lease is balanced and fair.  Further with as many properties as we have we must have one uniform lease rather than different leases for different properties.  Thus we have a standard lease.  It is not negotiable.  We will not change it.

Further we only lease by the year with one exception.  WE NEVER RENT MONTH TO MONTH! The one exception is If you are taking over a lease from someone who needed to leave early then your lease will be shorter, ending on July 31st.