Markstahler Properties

About Our Properties

All of our rental properties are in Champaign’s only designated historic neighborhood, the Sesquicentennial Neighborhood. This is the oldest neighborhood in Champaign and is located adjacent to and directly west of downtown Champaign. It has always traditionally been downtown’s residence.

Downtown Champaign holds the areas best restaurants, sidewalk cafes, night clubs, bars and coffeehouses. It has art galleries, live music, The Orpheum Children’s Museum, the Virginia Theatre host of Ebert Fest and the Boardman’s New Art for first run art house movies. Our furthest property is a five-minute six-block walk to downtown. Adjacent and directly south is West Side Park site of The Taste of Champaign Celebration. Adjacent and northwest is Spalding Park with lighted tennis courts and a skateboard park. The area’s regional shopping area is a short five-minute drive to the north.

With one exception (305 1/2 W. Vine which was built in 1993) all of our properties are older. Most are an earlier core with one or more additions that have been added over time. Our earliest properties date from the 1860s with the youngest being from the first decade of the Twentieth Century. Even though our homes have a rich and long history you will not find them out of date nor run down. We take pride in the care we take of our properties. Most are single family detached with their own yards. A few of our properties are duplexes. Even our duplexes have their own private fenced yards. All of our properties come with a washer and dryer.

Included in the rent is lawn and yard care, weekly trash service and sanitary sewer fees. Tenants are responsible for electricity, gas and water.