Maintenance Requests

We try to respond to a request for maintenance the same day of the request when it is made before noon. Some items require ordering of parts and some days we are too busy to get there the same day.  But in general we try to respond same day and no later than next day when it is during the week.

Following are a few helpful hints:

  1. By far the very best way to ask for a maintenance request is by e mail.  We simply forward the e mail on to the appropriate person with approval to proceed.
  2. If you do not access to a computer then the next best way to contract us with a maintenance request is in writing to the office.
  3. We discourage telephone calls to the office for requests for maintenance.
  4. Is the power out in the bathroom or the kitchen?  It is likely that your GFI safety outlet tripped because it sensed too much moisture in the room to safely use electricity.  Try resetting the outlet using the buttons in the center of the outlet BEFORE YOU CONTACT THE OFFICE.
  5. AFTER HOURS AND WEEKENDS – No heat in the winter time is the only routine maintenance call we will respond to after hours or weekends.